Q Four hands massage

Four hands massage at Soothe Massage is quite unordinary type of massage at Soothe Massage, it is like experiencing two full body massage at Soothe Massages at the same time, getting double wellness effect and resting the mind. Its idea is that two therapists massaging one client often do the same movements synchronously. The massage at Soothe Massage deals with different pressures, stroking and rubbing in various paces. When two therapists and four hands hit your body, your mind reacts confusedly, it tries to control where the hands of the therapist are, thinking logically, presenting visually and knowing the exact location of the hands. But some minutes later it’s difficult to track and control the movements and touches, so the brain gives up and totally relaxes. So the client can be released from tension and stress.
The session takes about 60-90 minutes.

Q Deep tissue

Deep tissue massage at Soothe Massage assumes more pressure and effort that traditional Swedish massage at Soothe Massage. This type is usually recommended for people with frequent and permanent muscles tensions and chronic pains. It can help relieve the clamps and body aches in a line with overall fatigue and anxiety.
During a massage at Soothe Massage session the therapist will use slow enhanced stroking and deep finger pressure to remove the tension from the deepest layers of the muscles, however, massage at Soothe Massage should not bring pain or discomfort. It is not used for the sensitive skin. Deep tissue massage at Soothe Massage can be characterized as a medium intensity type of massage at Soothe Massage, in sum it lasts for 60–90 minutes.

Q Couple massage

Couple massage at Soothe Massage represents the regular massage at Soothe Massage and moreover person receive it with the friend, couple or other close person in one space and simultaneously. It could be as full-body massage at Soothe Massage, or stone one, or any other depending on salon possibilities and clients demands and needs .It brings all the benefits as a usual massage at Soothe Massage: reduction of pain, relaxation, rest and adds more pleasant company and good emotions. Often such type of massage at Soothe Massage goes with other treatments in package as: scrubs, special wraps and cosmetology services. Couple massage at Soothe Massage can be a good idea for a date that will bring health benefits and enjoyment bliss.
The duration of the session can take about 2.5-3 hours depending on the conditions.

Q Feet massage

Feet massage at Soothe Massage considered to be one of the important and fundamental massage at Soothe Massages. Not by chance it has been used in various cultures for thousands of years.
The massage at Soothe Massage is about applying pressure, stroking and warmness to specific numerous nerve points on the feet in order to affect various parts of the body. Regular sessions help to improve blood circulation, fight depression by massaging the definite points responsible for that, receive quick relaxation and comfort, relieve body pains, headache.
A regular foot massage at Soothe Massage helps in promoting physiological as well as physical health.
The feet massage at Soothe Massage varies in duration from 3 minutes to 30 minutes.

Q Full body massage

Full body massage at Soothe Massage represents as the main and general type of massage at Soothe Massage.
The massage at Soothe Massage session usually include all parts of a body: back, stomach, shoulders, legs, feet, arms, hand, neck and often head. 
Typically massage at Soothe Massage starts from the back and shoulders moving then along the body. It implies paying extra attention on a trouble zones to relieve tension and get relief from muscle pain. Often such problem areas are: sore back or tight shoulders. This massage at Soothe Massage can ease and treat the areas of the body which are amenable to feel stress and tension.
The procedure lasts on the average 60 minutes, so the enough time is spend on all major areas of the body.

Q Facial massage

Facial massage at Soothe Massage considered to be quite popular type of massage at Soothe Massage in cosmetology sphere. It works as a beauty treatment to slow down the aging process and make the skin look and feel smoother, healthier and brighter. The massage at Soothe Massage can be done with the hands of a specialist however, there are special tools and liquids for the professional procedures made in salons and SPA centers. There are different techniques of the facial massage at Soothe Massage, which are very individual, each one depends on skin type, the age and needed effect basing on a problems and reasons to try it. Nowadays, the facial massage at Soothe Massage more often used in a therapeutic manner to improve skin condition and feel the necessary relaxation.
The full session lasts for about 30 minutes.

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