The Rosetta Center for Arabic Massage and Moroccan Bath for Men opened in January 2019. We now offer a variety of massage services, body care, Moroccan and Turkish body baths.

Rosetta Wellness Centers in Dubai are licensed for many services, including:
Arabic massage, Moroccan bath, Turkish bath, Thai massage, Russian massage, pedicure, waxing and more. At our center he can find all this under one roof.

Our head office is located at J3 Mall, Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah, Dubai.



Q Arabic Massage

The masseuses who perform this massage are from Arabia and have many years of experience with this type of massage. This type of massage affects the body and mind alike. Arabic massage aims to keep people young and restore emotional balance. All session scent oils were of organic origin. In addition, this therapy promotes blood circulation and tightens muscles and skin. The aromatic oils used in this case have obvious medicinal properties. Aromatherapy sessions reduce stress, energize the body, rejuvenate the skin and improve respiratory function.

A visit to Rose Her Massage Center in Dubai will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Q Ashiatsu Massage

Our daily activities, postures and habits can wreak havoc on our backs. Is possible

The pain is getting worse day by day. Continuing problems like this can negatively affect your ability to make a living as you are drained of energy and mentally drained from thinking about dealing with your symptoms another day.

Over the years, the healing power of massage has been proven to be beneficial to the human body. Running your hands along your muscles reduces stress, improves posture, and increases blood circulation. There are many different techniques of massage, most of which involve the hands in the massage process. However, there are techniques to treat using the feet.

The term "foot pressure massage" refers to this process

Dubai's best massage center, 5-star center in the United Arab Emirates, Rosetta Center

. Massages are available to everyone at the Rosetta Center

Foot pressure is a type of massage in which the doctor applies pressure to the patient's body with the feet rather than the hands or arms. In Japanese, ashi means 'foot' and atsu means 'pressure', so directly it means 'footprint'.

Q Feet Massage

A person's feet support weight and perform a variety of functions. Feet are the least noticed part of the body, but they do get the attention. Dubai's soothing reflexology treatments are perfect if you want to keep your feet soothed, healthy and flexible. At the Rose Center in Dubai, you can have a wonderful foot reflexology massage by a qualified masseuse. Reflexology is a traditional treatment based on the assumption that there are reflex points on the feet that correspond to specific organs and glands. Foot reflexology methods can promote blood circulation, relieve sleep disturbances, and relieve body pain. In addition, it improves the client's mood and combats depression.

Effects of foot massage

A foot massage in Dubai can significantly increase blood flow to your feet, but the benefits don't stop there. Below are some benefits of foot massage that can improve your mood and reduce stress.

Q Four hands massage

For those who find it difficult to let go of their day-to-day troubles, a four-hand massage is ideal. This massage is an Ayurvedic massage where two therapists work together on the body at the same time. These precisely coordinated strokes and movements promote the body's ability to heal and relax. Most massage parlors in Dubai are reluctant to offer this service as it takes time and effort. At the Rosetta Center, thanks to our team of qualified and experienced Arabic language therapists, we guarantee that you will leave your 60 or 90 minute session with a renewed sense of joy and satisfaction. A four-hand massage uses the same techniques as a Swedish massage or an aromatherapy massage. As the therapist alternates between gentle and deep flow movements, it balances the body's energy and improves both the left and right brain. Long, smooth strokes throughout your body release endorphins from your nervous system, making you feel better. The therapist will focus on muscles affected by inflammation and pain. Relaxed muscles can help loosen knots and speed up the healing process. Our team of therapists are continuously trained and are courteous and friendly.

Hurry up to Rosetta Arabic Massage Center and experience the best of your life at his 5-star spa in Dubai's finest.

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